Walk Behind Battery Operated Sweeper B70

RootsSweep B70 - Battery Operated Automatic Sweeper (Made in India) High degree of maneuverability, large rubber non-marking wheels Optimum sweeping even when negotiating corners thanks to the side broom Easy cleaning of aisles & corners Service friendly & direct access to all components Traction Drive on demand for stress free operation High quality air filtration system Technical Specifications: Description Units Values Sweeping width(without side broom) mm 500 Sweeping width(with side broom) mm 700 Theoretical area coverage with one side broom m.sq/hr 3525 Filter Area m.sq 1.6 Total Power W 550 Dirt Hopper capacity L 35 Working Speed km/h 5 Battery Rating V/A 24/36 Dimensions(L*W*H) mm 1300*810*680 Weight, ready to operate kg 135 Standard Accessories: Battery charger Set of batteries

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