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Whittaker 20  TRIO Smart Care Carpet Cleaning Machine (Made in USA)
  The most productive way to clean large-sized facilities 
 Features of the TRIO Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine: The Whittaker Smart Care  TRIO has been crafted by the Engineers at Whittaker to suit the individual needs of each carpet cleaner. Not sure which carpet machine is right for you? That's why we've outlined the highlights of the machine.
 The Three cylindrical brushes agitate and lift carpet pile, all in one quick pass.
 It requires less effort, 50% more brushing action delivers 50% faster cleaning per pass.
 Handle may quickly be removed (with no tools) for storage or transport.
 Stainless steel motor cover provides years of durable use.
 Dual landing gear protects brushes during storage in between use.
 The TRIO offers light touch control.
 An integrated collection hopper collects debris during use.
 Machine-mounted solution tank provides less handle weight for operator.
 A variety of brushes are available for any application.
 No tools are required for brush replacement or rotation.
 Technical Specifications:
 Cleaning Capacity 520 m2/hr
 Cleaning Width   517 mm
 Main Supply 230/50 V/Hz
 Power Consumption  1400 Watts
 Brush Speed 465 / 640 rpm
 Fresh Water Tank capacity  9.5 Liters
 Height with handle 1200 mm
 Width  650 mm
 Length  450 mm
 Weight  28 Kgs.
 Noise Level  69 dB (A)
 The Whittaker 20  TRIO includes:
 20  Smart Care TRIO Machine
 Five cases of CRYSTAL DRY EXTRA (enough for 240,000 sq. ft. of carpet)
 Crystal Dry Extra 1 x 24 (12oz cans)   for cleaning 48,000 sq ft
 5 Boxes is sufficient to clean 240,000 sq ft
 TRIO Brushes set of 3 can effectively clean upto 93,000 sq meters
 Optional chemicals will support for the pre cleaning of the premises
 The mixed cleaning solution remains potent upto 4 days based on the water used
 The tank and nozzle should be cleaned with hot water periodically to prevent clogging
 For non-woolen commercial carpets the grey brush is suitable
 The brushes should be rinsed with clean water time to time
 The stainless steel hopper should be cleaned after every use
 Whittaker Video Link:
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