Vita Mop

Tough performance for general maintenance jobs Head band 4 ply blended cotton / rayon / polyester looped end mop is deal for tough industrial jobs
 Looped ends resist tangling
 Tail band provides wide surface span and even coverage
 Headband and singe tail band are color coded for at a glance size identification
 Machine wash
 Vita Mops are available in sizes small to extra large with weight from 12oz to 32oz.
 Features of Vita Mops Taiwan
 Hygiene System
 Durable, Energy efficient mop
 Manufactured with a high concentration of antimicrobial fibre to provide bacterial resistance and superior longevity in health-care application
 50% reduction in drying time compared to cotton blended mops
 Increased resistance to chemicals
 Made with reinforced polyester headbands and double tail bands for added durability
 Date coded to prove long life
 Metal round type wet mop, plastic type wet mop, assembled wet mop with wooden handle.
 Also available Dust mop series in Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green color.

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