- SENSOR FUNCTION - Fully automatic and completely touch-free operation, the non-contact device can avoid bacteria cross infection.
 - CONVINIENT - Easy to top filling, also can be hung on the wall. Single out the liquid 1X-2X, avoid unnecessary waste. Non-Drip and more clean innovative design eliminates waste and countertop mess, large easy to fill opening.
 - MULTIPLE USE CASES - Perfect to use in bathrooms, hospitals, hotels and restaurants
 - SUITABLE FOR USE WITH - Liquid soap, foam, shampoo, cleaning liquids and so on.
 - POWERED BY - AC|DC Adapter (6V1A) or 4 Alkaline AA Batteries (Not Included).
 - Infra-Red Detection, Motion Activated
 - No More Contact & Infection
 - Safety, Convenience, Cleanness
 - Extra Large Content 600ml
 - Low Battery Indication
 - AC/DC Adapter (6V1A) or 4 Alkaline AA Batteries (Not Included)
 - 1X/2X Liquid Volume Adjustment
 - Low Consumption
 - Support Soap or Foam Liquid
 Hygiene System Automatic Soap Dispenser is hands-free battery powered dispensers of soap which can also be used for other liquids such as shampoo and hand lotions. The touch-free design operates when an infra-red sensor senses motion under the nozzle and dispenses the liquid. Hygiene System Automatic soap dispensers are becoming increasingly popular in public restrooms around the world as they are the most hygienic way to eliminate contamination, the spread of germs, and bacteria.
 Use attentions:
 - Please don't place the unit under the sun or filament lamp which may cause the sensor too sensitive to use.
 - Please keep the sensor area and battery compartment dry and clean.
 - Please don't soak the unit in the water over the rising base
 - Please don't flush the unit with strong flowing water
 - Please turn off the unit first to prevent dispensing accidentally when you need to move it.
 - Please empty the soap and take out the batteries when you don't use the unit in a long time

Hygiene System Wall Mount Automatic Soap Dispenser - 600 ml

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