Ride On Scrubber Drier With Pre Sweeper

ROOTS SCRUB RB 800 P- Battery Operated Ride on Scrubber Drier Presweep (Made in India)
 Battery; Operated Ride On Scrubber Drier:
 Choice; of high traction batteries, Running Hours from 3 to more than 5 hours.
 Soft; touch control panel   Provision for holding bottles, log book, manuals etc., as standard close to the operator
 Large; Tanks for uninterrupted cleaning performance. Change of brushes and squeegee lips needs no tools
 Break; away Squeegee. In built fault diagnosis system, reverse alarm & Head Lamp. Large Anti-Skid Wheels
 Presweeper;, a powerful and efficient unit, generally sweeps up the loose dirt which is present in the floor in front of the scrubbing brushes, optional accessory.
 Sweeping; width : 950mm
 Hopper; capacity: 35L
 Technical; Specifications:RB 800
 Scrubbing; Width-800mm
 Effective; Suction width-1100mm 
 Theoretical; area coverage-4800m2/hr
 Working; speed, up to-6km/hr
 Travel; speed-6km/hr
 Battery; Rating-24/240Volts,320Ah
 Airflow; rate-33L/sec 
 Vacuum; pressure-1650mm of H20 
 Power; Supply-24V 
 Total; Power-2400watts 
 Brush; motor power-2*550watts 
 Vacuum; motor power-550watts 
 Drive; Motor Power-750watts 
 No.; of brushes -2No.; 
 Diameter; of brush-405mm 
 Brush; speed-195rpm 
 Brush; load-43kg 
 Extra; brush load-47kg 
 Fresh; water tank-120L 
 Dirty; water tank-120L 
 Dimensions; (L*W*H)-1750*1110*1410mm 
 Total; weight empty/with battery-272/490-240Ah/272/540-320Ah kg 
 Total; weight ready to operate-600-240Ah/660-320Ah kg
 Turning; radius-1.8 m; 
 Standard; Accessories:
 Scrubbing; Brush   2 nos.
 Pad; holder   2 nos.
 Battery; charger
 Set; of batteries

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