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Microfiber cloths are made from manmade materials, or synthetic materials. The fibers are much thinner than the fibers on regular cloths. Microfiber is officially defined as having fibers that measure less than one denier.
 Depending; on the combination of fibers, as well as shape and size, a cleaning cloth can have increased softness, absorbency, filtering ability, durability, or even an increased ability to repel water.
 For; cleaning purposes, well made microfiber cloths can hold an enormous amount of water. They can absorb dirt and oil, but are so soft that they won't scratch or damage surfaces in the home unless they are dirty. Microfiber is also known for it's durability. Even though microfiber cleaning costs may cost more, it will usually still end up being a bargain because of how long they last.
 Microfiber; cloths don't shed lint like other cleaning cloths. This is perfect when cleaning glass and mirrors.
 Microfiber; cloths make great dust cloths because they are electrostatic and naturally attract the dust.
 This; can also make it difficult to rid the cloth of dust and dirt. Proper washing techniques are necessary to make sure that microfiber cloths are kept clean.
 Microfira; Eterna are available in four colors for four uses

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