Ipc Cleaning Equipment's

Ipc cleaning equipment's from Italy
 Pulex; Window Cleaning Equipment's
 Glass; Applicator-25,35,45.55 cm
 Glass; Applicator Sleeve
 Glass; Wiper-35,45,55 cm
 Glass; Wiper Rubber 72,92 cm
 Glass; scrapper
 Telescopic; Pole-2.5.3,4.5,6,9 meters
 Floor; Cleaning Equipment's
 Floor; Wiper 45,55,75 cm
 Wet; Mop ans Dry Mop and Clip
 Microfiber; Mop and Frame
 Aluminum; Mop Handlie
 Single; And Double Mop Buckets
 House; Keeping Trolleys
 Janitorial; Trolleys
 Security; Trolleys
 Litter; Pickers-70,100,150cm

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